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5 Tips to Make Marketing Your Fitness Business Easy & Effortless

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So you've set up your dance fitness business and all you want to do is teach classes and have fun doing it BUT you want to make an income too and teach FULL classes!

Marketing is not something you want to spend hours doing yet it's essential if you want full dance fitness classes and a thriving dance fitness business. Here are 5 tips to make marketing your dance fitness business easy and effortless.

  1. Know who you want at your classes - It's something I ignored for years and its something most…

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3 important things most NEW dance fitness instructors aren't doing & how they can start!

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Are you new to teaching dance fitness?

I remember how scary it was to teach my first dance fitness class despite coming from a dance background. Being a dance fitness instructor is one of the greatest jobs in the world but when you're first starting out there may be a few things that you aren't doing that will make your first few classes even more amazing!

Even if you have been teaching dance fitness for years, you may still find what I'm about to share really useful! Here's what most new danc…

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3 ways fitness instructors can gain more permanent classes at their local leisure centres

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Do you find it hard to get class cover or worse still your own permanent classes at your local gym or leisure centre?

It can be hard, especially if other instructors have been there longer and are much loved by members. I'm going to share 3 ways you can change this but first let me share what inspired me to write this blog post.

I created Groove-it Fit as a community fitness instructor but one thing that has surprised me while training instructors in each format is that amount of instructors w…

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