Blog #1 - 3 Strategies for Fitness Instructors to Secure Permanent Classes at Local Leisure Centres

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Do you find it hard to get class cover or worse still your own permanent classes at your local gym or leisure centre?

It can be hard, especially if other instructors have been there longer and are much loved by members. I'm going to share 3 ways you can change this but first let me share what inspired me to write this blog post.

I created Groove-it Fit as a community fitness instructor but one thing that has surprised me while training instructors in each format is that amount of instructors who now have regular gym classes with one or all of the Groove-it Fit formats or by covering other classes with one of the Groove-it Fit formats. Check these out 👇🏻

'Result! I've been covering for a Zumba instructor at our local gym but I mostly do Groove-it Fit tracks. Participants have enjoyed it and asked if it was going on the timetable and I had to say no unfortunately. However, yesterday I spoke to the manager and he said he was looking to put Groove-it Fit on the timetable a couple of time per week! I call that a result! - Tina Lynch, Groove-it Fit Instructor

'I had to cover a very loved instructor's dance class today. Snuck together a few Groove-it Fit tracks and they absolutely loved it!. So much so that they've asked about other classes and I'm hoping to get one in the club I'm teaching at' - Jeanette Rotherham, Groove-it Fit Instructor

So how can you get more classes at your local leisure centre & gyms?!

  1. Reach out to your local gyms...even better go there in person & follow up regularly - If it is a leisure centre you currently do not teach or cover at  reach out to them and let them know what you teach and when you can teach. Go one step further and arrange a meeting with the manager or simply go in and make yourself known. When you don't hear from them make sure you follow up on a regular basis so you're top of mind whenever they need cover or are looking for a new instructor to teach classes
  2. Offer to do a free masterclass for their members - This is a great way for members and managers to get to know your for you. We all know what it is like to cover a class that a much loved instructor teaches - you don't compare, not because you're not good but because you're not them! By offering to teach a class for free and a one off session, members can get to know you without comparison. And when they love your session make sure you remind them to tell management and leave feedback!
  3. Be the first to cover, even with different style classes - Take on cover as much as you can even if you don't teach that class. No I'm not telling you to lie and teach something you're not qualified in! But if they offer you class cover but you don't teach that style simply say 'Unfortunately I don't teach that class but if you can't find cover how about I cover with {insert class format you do teach which is similar}. That way you never miss out, your show initiative and you're reliable and versatile!

The Groove-it Fit formats are great to cover classes and to bring new, fresh sessions to your local gym. You can find out more about the Groove-it Fit Instructor Resource by clicking below 👇🏻

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