Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What pre-requisites do I need to teach Groove-it Fit?

  • A minimum of a level 2 fitness qualification - ideally Exercise to Music or Dance Fitness - or your country's equivalent.
  • Relevant insurance and music licences if you teach in the community or you are not covered by the gym where you teach.

I’m worried I won’t get the support I need with the training being online?

There is unlimited support when you become an instructor. Firstly, you immediately get access to the instructor training hubs, there you can access to forum or the online support portal. You can also join the private instructor Facebook group for extra support and training.

We have a 14 day refund policy so if you think this isn’t for you or you’re not happy with the training you can get a full refund.

Your time as an instructor - plus being a mum, wife, dad, husband, running a full-time job or business - is precious which is a huge reason behind the online training. You are already a qualified, and an awesome, fitness instructor or dance teacher who can already teach safe and effective classes, training online means you can learn the class content at times that suit you – without having to cancel classes, travel miles, get childcare etc to attend a training.

Is there a test or assessment?

No, Groove-it Fit is for qualified fitness instructors and dance teachers who would like to teach a new fitness concept. Learning routines and teaching safe and effective classes is something qualified fitness instructors and dance teachers should be doing daily therefore we have full faith in every instructor to teach Groove-it Fit and deliver a class to the best of their ability.

For quality assurance purposes we do ask for instructors to send a video of themselves teaching a few routines once they have a class set up and running. We can then give feedback or provide further training if necessary.

Why are there no monthly licence fees?

Groove-it Fit was created with instructors’ financial needs in mind. As instructors we pay out a lot – hall hire, music licences, insurance – as well as experiencing fluctuations in class attendance throughout the year. We wanted to create a dance fitness class where in income potential was greater than the outgoings. An opportunity to teach great content but not be tied into a monthly outgoing that could affect your income. Instead, we created a class format that instructors can benefit from financially in several ways. These include teaching the class formats, being able to set up and earn online and commission for when other instructors to get trained in Groove-it Fit via your recommendation. This enables you to create a business solely using Groove-it Fit if you choose and/or make an income regardless of if your classes are running.

You have routines in the Instructors' Hub to get you started and create many class playlists. You will then have the option to buy each new choreography edition as and when you need new choreography, This means you’re not paying out for new choreography if you don’t need it.

Do I have to use your choreography & a set playlist?

You get access to a library of choreography that you can use to create a playlist following the Groove-it Fit  class formula. We are very passionate about keeping your personality and teaching style so it's important you love the music and the routines you are teaching, and you can add your flavour to the choreography. You can select the songs and routines that you love from the instructor hub, in alignment with the Groove-it fit class formula, rather than having to keep to a new release or set playlist.

You can choreograph your own warm up & cool down as well as 2 routines in your playlist. There is even a training on how to create your own routines!

The moves in the choreographed routines can be tweaked for your participants too, so you and your class participants can enjoy the routines and music to the fullest.

With fitness and dance nothing should ever feel restricted. We encourage song requests for new choreography to be made, feedback on what is and isn't working and the ability to stamp your own personality and style to the choreographed routines.

Do I need a music licence to teach Groove-it Fit?!

Yes and no…

Yes if you are using the original artist music choreography options, unless you are covered by a venue - e.g. teaching in gym. The music isn't provided by us, instructors will need to outsource and purchase music -choosing from the music used for Groove-it Fit routines.

No, licence free music options to our routines are available so you have the option if you're teaching online or just prefer to use licence free. Again music isn’t provided and will need to be purchased separately but we provide recommendations and discounts where applicable.

What is the age limit for class participants?

The age limit for a Groove-it Fit and Groove-it Fit & Flow class is 16 years old and above unless you are qualified in children’s fitness – if so, you can adapt the routines to cater for children in your classes. Likewise, if you are qualified to teach older adults you can use and adapt the Groove-it Fit and Groove-it Fit & Flow routines for your audience.

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