1 Thing You Can Do to Get People Back to Your Dance Fitness Classes!

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I wanted to share a little tip that you can used to use every quarter (New year, spring time, after summer etc) to get people back to classes!

It's basic, it's simple but we usually avoid doing it because we don't want to be ghosted or rejected but here it is....

Reach out to ALL past participants, anyone who has enquired about classes THIS YEAR and THANK all current, loyal participants that ALWAYS attend.





Life is busy and those who haven't attended classes in a long time ma…

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7 Things to Know before You Become a Group Fitness Instructor

Before becoming a Group Fitness Instructor

Let's face it, teaching exercise classes for a living is a total dream job.

You can work from anywhere, wear whatever you want, get paid to be fit, and the benefits are seemingly endless. But just like any other job?

It's complicated. I've worked as a group fitness instructor for well over ten years now, and I feel well-equipped to share with you some nuggets of information that will make your day-to-day life so much easier as a group fitness instructor.


  1.  Have multiple sources of income …

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5 Mistakes Most Dance Fitness Instructor Make & How to Avoid Them

5 mistakes dance fitness instructors make & how to avoid them

Have you started teaching dance fitness from a previously fitness-based background?


Or maybe you're a dancer have transitioned your career into teaching dance fitness classes?

Either way these 5 mistakes can be avoided so you can teach the best class possible to your dance fitness class participants!

Not owning your dance fitness instructor status! 

I hear so many instructors from a fitness-based background say things like;

'I don't normally teach classes like this so I'm not as good…

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3 Ways to Get Fully Booked Dance Fitness Classes

Day 7

Do you have low class numbers or inconsistent class numbers?


Would you love to fill your venues with participants who love your dance fitness classes?


Here's 3 ways you can fill your dance fitness classes weekly!

  1. Cross-promote with other fitness instructors in your area teaching different styles of fitness - Work with other fitness professional to get the word out about your fitness classes. This will also show participants that you're working with other instructors and show casin…

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5 Tips to Make Marketing Your Fitness Business Easy & Effortless

day 7 (2)

So you've set up your dance fitness business and all you want to do is teach classes and have fun doing it BUT you want to make an income too and teach FULL classes!

Marketing is not something you want to spend hours doing yet it's essential if you want full dance fitness classes and a thriving dance fitness business. Here are 5 tips to make marketing your dance fitness business easy and effortless.

  1. Know who you want at your classes - It's something I ignored for years and its something most…

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3 important things most NEW dance fitness instructors aren't doing & how they can start!

Dance Fitness Blog

Are you new to teaching dance fitness?

I remember how scary it was to teach my first dance fitness class despite coming from a dance background. Being a dance fitness instructor is one of the greatest jobs in the world but when you're first starting out there may be a few things that you aren't doing that will make your first few classes even more amazing!

Even if you have been teaching dance fitness for years, you may still find what I'm about to share really useful! Here's what most new danc…

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3 ways fitness instructors can gain more permanent classes at their local leisure centres

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Do you find it hard to get class cover or worse still your own permanent classes at your local gym or leisure centre?

It can be hard, especially if other instructors have been there longer and are much loved by members. I'm going to share 3 ways you can change this but first let me share what inspired me to write this blog post.

I created Groove-it Fit as a community fitness instructor but one thing that has surprised me while training instructors in each format is that amount of instructors w…

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