Blog #7 - 7 'Need-to-Knows' before You Become a Group Fitness Instructor

Groove blog 7

Let's face it, teaching exercise classes for a living is a total dream job.

You can work from anywhere, wear whatever you want, get paid to be fit, and the benefits are seemingly endless. But just like any other job?

It's complicated. I've worked as a group fitness instructor for well over ten years now, and I feel well-equipped to share with you some nuggets of information that will make your day-to-day life so much easier as a group fitness instructor.

  1.  Have multiple sources of income -

    If I could start my career again I wouldn't teach fitness classes as a full time job/career/business. There's 2 reasons for this. 1) It's exhausting and (back then) based on a time for money income arrangement - if you're not teaching, you're not earning. It's a little different now as online has made it so much easier to teach less & earn more ! (click here👈) to find out more about how you can do this). 2) So my personal fitness is still a priority - more about this later! 👇🏻

  2. It’s harder than it looks -

    If you've ever joined in a group fitness class your instructor probably made it look like it was a really easy thing to do! And to a certain extent it is BUT there's LOTS to think about. Staying in time with the music, teaching points, participant safety, being loud enough, setting up the mic & music...the list goes on. This isn't to put you off but it can be daunting.

  3.  Playlists take a long time to put together! -

    When I promise my class a new playlist of routines I know I had better take a whole day to put it together! I thought this would be my favourite part of being a fitness instructor, but, it's more time consuming then you think.

  4. Your body & your energy are your job, always put you first!

    -I know first hand what it's like to burnout and not be able to teach - it sucks. Remember you body is your job, you can't teach if you aren't at your fittest! It's easy to think you're superwoman and take on all the classes under the sun BUT let me ask you this - Would you recommend your clients to participate in 20 hours of exercise per week? - Probably not so why expect it from yourself. make sure you look after you and put your health and fitness first!

  5.  Know what you want to teach & don't chase daggling carrots -

    Find your niche class. The class that you love teaching and could teach all day long. I fell into the trap of getting trained and qualified in everything. While this helped me progress as a fitness professional it wasn't necessary and actually did more harm than good. It made it harder for me to niche and target an audience when I started my business as I was a 'jack of all trades'.

  6. Sick days, holiday & time off, What are those? -

    Most of the time you will not get paid for being sick, taking holiday and time off. Make sure you do though! This is why I highly suggest not teaching for a full time wage, supplement you income with online services , training other fitness professionals or with a another avenue of income so you're covered when it comes to sick days, holidays & time off!

  7. You are the motivation -  You need to be the motivator for your classes and clients which can be challenging if your having an off day. Keep this in mind if you're not a people person, a happy person or a highly motivated person when it comes to your own goals. If you're unable to motivate yourself, how will you be able to motivate others?!

    Takeaway: Be prepared to put in extra effort and remember to take good care of yourself!


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