Blog #2 - 3 Vital Strategies New Dance Fitness Instructors Overlook

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Are you new to teaching dance fitness?

I remember how scary it was to teach my first dance fitness class despite coming from a dance background. Being a dance fitness instructor is one of the greatest jobs in the world but when you're first starting out there may be a few things that you aren't doing that will make your first few classes even more amazing!

Even if you have been teaching dance fitness for years, you may still find what I'm about to share really useful! Here's what most new dance fitness instructors AREN'T doing and how to start doing them to grow in leaps and bounds as a dance fitness instructor

  1. Being You! - That's right most instructors when first starting out are so nervous that they forget to be themselves and relax! It's easy to compare yourself to more experienced instructors, especially if you are starting out by covering a classes that a well loved fitness instructor usually teaches. Relax! Start walking into each class as if the class participants have never done the class before, because here's the thing, they haven't! They may have done a similar class but they have never done a class with you! With your personality, style and flavour! Own you uniqueness and act as if you're the first person to teach those classes participants - stop asking yourself if they'll like you and just go in and do your thing!
  2. Choosing songs & routines that they love - Sounds silly but when we're trying to impress we tend to think about what others will think, like and enjoy. I remember doing this at the beginning and I taught some of the worst classes I have every taught, why? Because I was choosing tracks that I thought people would like but because I didn't enjoy them I couldn't put my all into teaching them. The more routines and songs I put in that I loved, the more I enjoyed teaching those routines and the more positive energy my class participants got from the session. Always create your playlist with songs you love and it's super easy for everyone else to enjoy and love them too!
  3. Promoting with confidence - As much as I wanted full classes when I first started out I also resisted promoting my classes because If nobody came then I wouldn't make a fool of myself in front of too many people. It's sounds odd and you're probably thinking 'of course I want full classes' but it could be something you're holding back from out of fear. Be proud of your new qualifications and be proud that you can help others get fit through dance - it truly is the best way to get in shape and stay healthy - so shout about your classes and have fun!

I'd love to know your fears and struggles as a new dance fitness instructor so I can help you even further! Post them in the comments below & I's love to get back to you with some tips & advice!


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