Blog #3 - Effortless Fitness Class Advertising: 5 Quick and Effective Tips

Groove blog 3

So you've set up your dance fitness business and all you want to do is teach classes and have fun doing it BUT you want to make an income too and teach FULL classes!

Marketing is not something you want to spend hours doing yet it's essential if you want full dance fitness classes and a thriving dance fitness business. Here are 5 tips to make marketing your dance fitness business easy and effortless.

  1. Know who you want at your classes - It's something I ignored for years and its something most instructors ignore until they have low number and their current methods of marketing aren't working. Listen, I know you want to help everyone enjoy the benefits of dance fitness BUT being specific in who you're marketing to can have a huge impact on who you attract to your classes. It doesn't mean you exclude anyone, it just means your marketing is going to be more effective! So who is your ideal participant? What does she struggle with that your classes can help her with? 
  2. Focus on one platform to market on - So many instructors come to me asking how they can get good at marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Linkdin... the list goes on and they want to do it all! Mastering all these platforms at once only leads to mediocre marketing as well as overwhelm! Choose one that you feel comfortable with, where your ideal class participant mostly 'hangs out' and learn everything you need to know about that one platform before adding in other platforms. You don't need to be everywhere you just need to be where your clients are and what feels right for you.
  3. Explore marketing outside of social media - It's easy to think that social media is all there is and if were not marketing on there then where the hell will people find us! Try marketing outside of social media, make sure your website is SEO friendly so people can find you in Google searches, put up posters in your local area and network with other businesses with a similar target audience that you're not in direct competition with. There is so much more to marketing than just social media.
  4. Be You - I say this all the time but it is the best marketing advice because people do not by services when it comes to fitness they invest in the instructor and that instructors personality and teaching style. They invest in and attend classes that feels good for them. A person can go to 2 classes that are exactly the same but each with a different instructor and they will have a preference to the one that they will regular attend, not because on is better then the other but because they connect more with a particular instructor. Be you when you deliver your classes when you do videos for social media because that is what will draw your tribe to you.
  5. Be consistent - Marketing isn't a one and done task unfortunately so it's important that you are consistent with your marketing and you do it daily, weekly and monthly. The easiest way to do this is to create a plan, schedule social media posts and schedule time weekly to do this! Plan to prepare or prepare to feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. 

I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments which one resonated with you and share what marketing you are going to implement going forward. The comments is also a great place to share your own marketing tips and strategies with other instructors too.


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