Blog #5 - 3 Foolproof Strategies to Pack Your Dance Fitness Classes!

Groove blog 5

Do you have low class numbers or inconsistent class numbers?


Would you love to fill your venues with participants who love your dance fitness classes?


Here's 3 ways you can fill your dance fitness classes weekly!

  1. Cross-promote with other fitness instructors in your area teaching different styles of fitness - Work with other fitness professional to get the word out about your fitness classes. This will also show participants that you're working with other instructors and show casing other styles of fitness that compliment your dance fitness classes. 

  2. Re-launch every quarter - When you first started your dance fitness class I bet you did a big launch and promoted like crazy. What's stopping you from doing that in different ways every 12 weeks or around special events & occasions. If you only do block booking you could re-launch the class every time a new block booking time period is due. This may seem like a lot of work but if you're doing it on a regular timescale the marketing process will eventually be second nature and you can do most promotion on repeat. Write a list for all the times throughout the year that you could do a re-launch, a themed class special or a one-off promo event or open night?!
  3. Create FOMO on social media - Make the most of social media by highlighting the fun your participants are having at every class. Ask your regular participants if they could give video testimonials to share on social media and tag your location with every post so people in your community can discover you. Share videos of your classes and even break down routines so people can experience you class and you as an instructors before they come along!

There's so many more ways to get people coming along to your classes but why not implement these with 100% enthusiasm over the next 6-12 weeks and see the results!

Let me know in the comments which one you'll try first!

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