Blog #8 - One Essential Strategy to Get People Back to Your Dance Fitness Classes!

Groove blog 8

I wanted to share a little tip that you can used to use every quarter (New year, spring time, after summer etc) to get people back to classes!

It's basic, it's simple but we usually avoid doing it because we don't want to be ghosted or rejected but here it is....

Reach out to ALL past participants, anyone who has inquired about classes THIS YEAR and THANK all current, loyal participants that ALWAYS attend.


Life is busy and those who haven't attended classes in a long time may not have even realised that a lot of time has passed - think of how quickly this year has gone by! Sometimes they just need a reminder that you're still there and they are welcome back anytime.

Those who have enquired but haven't attended may have forgot that they enquired - believe me I have done this too! Just drop them a reminder that they can still attend and sweeten the deal with a half price class for them and a friend!

Thanking your current and loyal attendee's makes them feel appreciated and SEEN. They are more likely to recommend to others due to the fact that you've been pro-active in reaching out to them. You don't need to offer them a loyalty discount of gift because you reaching out usually is enough to make them feel special.

PLUS gratitude is a positive vibration, instead of focusing on who isn't coming - appreciate who is and see those positives vibes multiply!

Let me know in the comments if you found this useful or comment #done when you've implemented this to keep yourself accountable!


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