5 Ways to Become an Online Dance Fitness Business

day 7

There's no greater feeling than dancing around your kitchen when there really is no one watching! Build an online dance fitness business so you can send happiness to homes all over the world!

Having an online aspect to your dance fitness business doesn't have to be complicated! I want you to think outside the box when it comes to creating an online income in your dance fitness business. Here are 5 ways you can do it that you may not have considered...

  1. A PDF & an accompanied video that breaks down routines - Do you teach face to face dance fitness classes? How about making it really easy for your participants to succeed and create a membership, programme or individual mini courses that breakdown routine and technique.
  2. The masterclass or workshop - An online business doesn't have to mean lots and lots of content. How about created a masterclass or workshop once and being able to re-sell it over and over again! All you need is a pre-recorded session and a link to send people when they purchase.
  3. The membership model - Create a membership full of you dance fitness session is a great way to create recurring income and gives your clients the opportunity to dance whenever and wherever they like!
  4. The course/programme - There's nothing better than following a programme to improve your fitness, lose weight or to stay accountable. Why not create a dance fitness one?
  5. A challenge - 5 days, 10 days, or 30 days, creating a dance fitness challenge with pre-recorded or live streamed sessions is a great way to generate income, community and an audience!

So there you have it 5 ways to take your dance fitness business online - now it's your turn to make it happen. Pick one and get started! Let me know in the comments which one you choose and if you need help head to the free Facebook group👉 Build Fitness Online.


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